Victoria James, PGCert

Certified Life Coach | MindFlowers™

Come As You Are. You’re gloriously one of a kind.

When we recognise and fully embrace ourselves, truly incredible things happen.
Your life becomes the expressive, balanced, successful representation that you seek.

(Umm, did you just roll your eyes? I saw you, and I like your sass *wink)


Life coaching isn’t for everyone, nor is my personal ethos:

The relationship you have with yourself is the most important one you’ll ever have.

When that relationship is healthy — when you’re truly right with yourself — every single thing in your life becomes positively affected. You thrive in your personal sweet spot in life, and your joy and confidence radiates.

Hmm, sounds too good to be true?

Lean in here a little closer. It’s only through years of education and working with people 1:1 on their self-esteem and identity that I’m able to make clear what creates real and powerful change.

Self-esteem isn’t simple or one-dimensional, but neither are you, and improving yours is more life-changing than you can even imagine.

"This has filled me with self-love"

- Priya -

"I've got this permanent glow"

- Satty -

"I've shed my old skin and revealed the real me"

- Daniel -

"I've woken up"

- Simon -

Alive & Fully Engaged?

More like just getting by...

You already sense that something in your life needs attention. You gather that the brave, happy face you keep putting on for the world doesn’t match what’s really going on inside.

Stirring, listless, inside you feel like your passion for life has gone missing somehow. Living unfulfilled & feeling plain stuck wasn’t the plan. How did you get here in life exactly? You want badly to show up for yourself and the people around you, to experience joy and feel more light-hearted.
But, you’re overwhelmed at not knowing how to feel better.
Tired of thinking about what’s wrong.
And even more tired of beating yourself up for not doing anything about either one.

— wake, work, rinse & repeat —

"I woke up on a cloud...so completely filled up. What you said about core values resonated.
I've been in bed going over all the things that make me so damn happy, satisfied and full of life: beauty, creativity, ingenuity, freedom of expression, variety. Your gifts just keep giving!"

- Monique. North Carolina, USA -

Over a Cup of Tea
Warm laughter and occasional swears included

Hi there, I’m Victoria, a naturally sassy optimist, cut from designer cloth. Quite literally, my father was a designer and I grew up in our family stores between runways and design rooms of the fashion industry. (More on that later. Also, your top today is pure perfection.)
I love good conversation, have a penchant for all things luxe, and believe that any time is a good time for champagne.

In my work as a life coach, I help people see themselves more clearly and like themselves more powerfully. We’re at the very centre of our worlds, so the way we see, speak, and think about ourselves shapes our entire existence. Spend time with me and you’ll discover what unabashed self-love looks like & how intentional self-care positively transforms lives. Yours and mine included.

“Like sipping bubbly on a gorgeous summer day  with this magical mix of Lizzo and the Queen of England herself, that’s kind of what working with Victoria feels like.”

- Jen. Michigan, USA -

Allow Yourself Mindflowers

“To plant a seed is to believe.” 

Can simple acts create amazing results? Yes.

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