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be your best you

"This has filled me with self-love."

- PW -

"I've got this permanent glow"

- SS -

"I've woken up"

- SD -

"I've shed my old skin and revealed the real me"

- SS -


worthy  |  lovable  |  beautiful  |  intelligent  |  happy  |  glorious  |  magnificent

I don't believe being your best you is a universal standard to reach. Each of us is unique with our own set of values, which makes 'best you' a subjective state. Being your best you is an attitude to adopt. It's about radiating a confidence that comes from knowing your strengths and best assets.

My ethos towards being your best self is more of an inside-out philosophy that comes through in a warm smile, a light heart & a joy for life. It's an attention to yourself that can be felt by everyone you meet.

Being your best you is fun, playful, accessible and utterly contagious.

Capture this spirit by adopting Mindflowers as a ritual of the highest quality thinking; all infused with love and appreciation. Take in and be changed by your own words of kindness, acts of self-care and compassion that are transformative for your life.

Come join the movement of true inner happiness.

"Loving yourself is the best way to change your life and the best choice you'll ever make"

The problem with not hearing compliments is that you miss out on your own gifts. You allow words of affirmation to blow past you while allowing unhealthy judgements to stick. It's time to change all that and relax into your brilliance. I'm going to show you how and it all starts with you.

What you think about becomes your reality. That goes for what you think about yourself too.

Let's get to the heart of the matter; the relationship you have with yourself is the most important one you'll ever have. When this is healthy, all your relationships improve, simply because you're living happily with yourself.

To start making that relationship healthy and stronger, you just need to start paying yourself a compliment every day - a mindflower. You write it down and make it a daily thing. When you start collecting these, you'll start hearing and collecting them when they come from other people too. They build a collection and before you know it, they're always present.

Before you know it, that inner chatter that tells you all the reason's you're not 'enough' is quiet. Your self-esteem rises, your confidence shows and life starts to feel more positive.

Loving yourself is the best way to change your life and the best choice you'll ever make.

When you stop comparing yourself to other people there comes ease; an authenticity that shows you as your best you. You start to live in tune with yourself. It's the sweet spot where comfort in your own skin attracts the best to you. Not because you shout the loudest or demand attention; but because you welcome people as they are because you welcome yourself as you are. It's the time when kindred spirits meet and relationships deepen.

It's not about being boastful, it's about seeing yourself clearly and believing that you deserve to live your best life. Your own perception of yourself matters. To reap the benefits of those perceptions, you simply need to believe them, yourself.

When your confidence radiates. When you walk your own path. When you've cultivated your mind into a beautiful place. Where your thoughts grow. Where you feel lovely. That's MindFlowers.

Be part of the movement.


Neon sign on brick wall. "You are what you listen to" Photo by Mohammad Metri on Unsplash

Mindflowers on the Havana Cafe Sessions

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