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Goal of Your Dreams. A model to keep your focus.


You have a goal.

It's important enough to keep your mind alive as a firework about what life would be like if you achieved it, but everyday life seems to swallow you up and the goal of your dreams seems to slip just out of grasp each day.

From now on, 'I'll start tomorrow' is no longer in your vocabulary.

You have a new bff to keep you on track in the shape of my new accountability tool. Best of all you can print it out, put in your wallet or diary, or stick it on your bathroom mirror/computer screen/kitchen cupboard; anywhere you'll see it daily.

The goal of your dreams model works because it hits you in the heart. It comes down to the feelings you have about the goal you want to achieve. This means you don't just know you want it, you access the feelings of WHY you want it.

The Goal of Your Dreams.

I put this out a while ago on my social channels so people could put it to work. This way I could see how it worked in real-life situations. I wanted to know if it helped grab people's attention because achieving your goals is after all, all about you and your feelings. Why else do we achieve if not to feel something positive?

I've had some fabulous responses from people who put it into action and best of all they achieved what they set out to do.

People used it to start new daily habits such as meditation, someone to reach a fitness target ready for a running event, someone wanted to develop a talent they have into something to enhance their career, and someone put their new business idea into reality.

Working with this model is as simple as keeping your mind on the goal and consciously committing to it. It's based on how you really feel about achieving what you're aiming for.

When our feelings and desires are both engaged & invested in the outcome of our goals, we put ourselves into a much more open state of achieving because we all want to feel that life is the very best it can be. When we know we are accomplishing something and achieving the things that matter most to us, we are emotionally invested in the outcome and therefore totally engaged with it.

This is more than a goal - it's what matters to you most. What you stand for. Who you can be.

I'll walk you through what 'DREAMS' stands for.

Goal Of Your Dreams


D - desire Name it. Dream big and embrace possibility

R - resources What do you need to help you? What do you need to do or learn?

E - emotion How do you feel about this goal? What ultimate feeling is driving you?

A - affirmation Write your goal into a present-tense sentence as if you've already achieved it. Keep it where you can see it daily.

M - meaning What will it really mean to you to have achieved your goal?

S - schedule Do it! Make space in your life so you can achieve this goal of your DREAMS.

Ok, so let's expand on the headings now.

DESIRE. Name it. Dream big. There's no room for modesty where your deepest happiness lies. If you could achieve anything what would it be?
RESOURCES. To achieve this goal, what do you need to help you? What do you need to do or learn? The most successful people know they can't do it all alone. Always seek help needed. Be resourceful and be savvy about where you can find it.
EMOTIONS. How do you feel about this goal? What ultimate feeling is driving you? Connect to this and use the power of your own emotions to spur you on.
AFFIRMATION. Write your goal into a present-tense sentence, as if you have already achieved it. Keep it where you can see it. "I am ___________". Seeing those powerful words makes it feel that much more attainable.
MEANING. What will it really mean to you to have achieved your goal? Take a moment to visualise yourself in the position of already having achieved it. What is life like for you now? Name the positive effects it has had on you. What has this effect had on your loved ones? Your colleagues even?
SCHEDULE. Do it! Make space in your life; this is it. It's time to make it happen. You have the right mindset, you know your feelings, you can see what this means for your life. It's time to take action. You've got this.


That thing you've always wanted to do. That dream you have of making that certain something happen. That deeply desired feeling you'll have once you've achieved it. Feels good, doesn't it?

These goals matter. They mean you're living life with HEART. With SOUL.
And as we all know, life is an expression of how you feel.
It's within reach and you can do it.

Try this model on for size and go make that goal of your dreams your reality.
Let me know how you get on ~ I love hearing about people chasing their dreams. As always, feel free to join the conversation over on my social channels or comment below ♡

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