Inner Clarity


We can reach inner peace when the world is in chaos | We can maintain a sense of calm in times of unrest.

There are certain people who maintain their sense of calm when things around them are in a state of flux or confusion and they are a pure delight to be around. Just being near them makes us feel calmer; as if they evoke a sense of inner peace within us just by being in their presence. We know this sense of inner calm will help us function well and we learn from them that we can find our calm, even when everything around us is in a state of unrest.

Often it's from these times of extreme confusion that we find the part of ourselves that knows how to cope with a crisis and we then become the beacon of light for others experiencing their storm.

Losing our inner clarity is a good way to tell if we're relying too much on our emotions. By asking ourselves how we're reacting to every piece of negative news or difficult situation that comes our way we can start to get a handle on taking back our personal control. Of course, our thoughts can be unreliable at times as they chatter on about what might happen next and when we see this happening it's a good time to find our clarity once more. If our thoughts and feelings activate each other in a hectic way, then we can become caught in the confusion that surrounds us.

When we locate the stillness at the centre of us, we can find composure in almost any situation.

By finding this stillness we then become the safe haven for our loved ones who need the beauty of calm during their own difficult situation.

We don't need to fully understand what's happening at any moment in time and we don't need to try and predict the future either. Most of us simply want to find the way of becoming clear and still with whatever happens and we achieve this by finding peace inside ourselves.

Cultivating clarity is something we can work on daily through practising things such as meditation and journalling. These methods lead you to that place inside that's already there waiting to welcome you in. Simply having a daily check-in with yourself on certain points, for example starting a short meditation practice will help calm internal chatter (I recommend the Headspace app). Just 5 or 10 minutes spent breathing consciously is enough to start clearing your mind.

For journalling, try asking yourself questions such as:

  • How do I feel on a scale of 1 - 10 today?
  • What's my overall mood like?
  • How have I shown myself self-care today?
  • Did I move through my day with intent? Or was I on auto-pilot?

Raising our awareness of the things we do automatically helps us see ourselves in a different light and can be the first step towards understanding ourselves and our motivations more fully.

I visualise my space of inner clarity as a cosy reading room; floor to ceiling books, a big window with sunlight streaming onto an oversized chaise and my favourite mug perpetually full of hot tea. When I can sit quietly with my thoughts and feelings in there I know I'm onto a good thing.

What does your space of inner clarity look like?