Life Connected | Digital Detox Week Two


Looking back on the first week of the digital detox, it was quite a novelty ~ almost like when you first turn technology off for a holiday.

By the time Friday was here and I was switching the office off for that first weekend, I was beginning to think more deeply about the real life logistics of living without the digital connection and what would come from the adjustment. I was excited for unexpected challenges and to see how I would continue to adjust.

Anyway, this last week has been, let's sayyyy, Dulls Ville.

I was not expecting any sort of illness to creep into my time trying this digital detox, but this week I've been feeling very out of sorts. By last Sunday (my first weekend on this detox) I was wrapped up in my marshmallow bed with a very unfriendly summer flu for company. Boo.

When Monday came and my unwelcome flu-shaped visitor was showing no sign of leaving anytime soon, my patience levels plummeted. I decided not to stress out, just lean into it and try to sleep. In fact, I didn't surface again properly until Thursday.

Those who know me well know I'm not very good at being a patient (sulky) and my usual response would be to stream my favourite movies (vintage Hollywood), get the iPad out and spend time on social media (yay Twitter!) or catching up on some online articles (God, I love you, Google).

It was a whole 5 days of feeling grumpy and very much not in the mood to be disconnected. It was much more tough than I ever thought it would be! I craved funny cat videos!

Armed with only hot Ribena and the books in my house I felt the disconnect greatly.

On Thursday I logged into my email for the first time this week and my lovely friend Astrid had sent over an interesting link to a Huff Post article in response to the Digital Detox concept. It came from the angle of not detoxing at all, but instead choosing how we use social media and picking our platforms accordingly. The author claimed that the technology itself isn't affecting us, but how we choose to use it.
It seems to have worked well for the reporter and I agree that considering the pleasure we get from our social platforms is important. To question why we use them is healthy and can benefit how we use them hugely for both personal and professional reasons.

The article coupled with this week of being forced to stop made me consider how much I rely on being connected that has nothing to do with social media. When feeling unwell, I hop into bed, stream my favourite movies and mooch about online looking through Pinterest for home inspiration, ordering books and generally browsing to keep my mind occupied and pass the time.

I'm keen to see how removing it all (other than for work essentials) and reintroducing it thoughtfully adjusts the way I use the internet. Instead of relying on it for everything, can I use my own resources more thoughtfully first?

I can honestly say I missed the connection this week very much, I felt distanced from my work world and actually felt a little isolated at times. It highlighted how I choose to keep my mind busy and alert, even when I should be giving it a rest. Not just for social media but for having the luxury to learn & find anything, anytime. Even staying up to date with the news. I'm surprised at how much world news I've missed by not being online this week, even if I'm only using it for work purposes.

By the time today (Friday) arrived I was thrilled to be feeling brighter and couldn't wait to get back out into the real world and hit my favourite salon for some much needed pampering ~ but no posting of my usual nailfie to show off this magnificent manicure! It seems I'm still missing social media and my camera.

So in terms of monitoring my wellbeing, creativity, sleep etc. this week, I'm unable to give you anything useful. Sorry!
What I did learn though, was to surrender to what my body needs and I suspect without being forced to rest, this bug could have hung around a lot longer, so for that I'm grateful. But without the usual online distractions, now I'm feeling brighter again, I am desperate to get myself back into the office on Monday.
In fact, I'm loving being in here now to write this. It's my little sanctuary where I spend my days getting inspired, educating myself and Skyping with clients. I love it.

Maybe it's not just the digital connection I've missed,
but this physical corner of my world too.

So unexpectedly, this week was a not only a digital detox, but a life detox too.

I hope you've all had a great week!

Until next Friday,

Victoria x