Mindflowers on the Havana Cafe Sessions

A snapshot of Clay Lowe & Victoria James after recording the Havana Cafe Sessions.

When life coach and modern-day philosopher Clay Lowe (some of you may know him online as @SoulCruzer) invited me onto his podcast, The Havana Cafe Sessions to talk about self-acceptance and how the Mindflowers movement helps with that, how could I resist?

Our conversation took place over good coffee in a Cuban cafe where we mused over questions such as, what is self-acceptance? and when do we stop accepting ourselves as we are? I got to speak about how my path into life coaching took roots, which all started in a body-positivity movement asking me about my own sense of self-acceptance. It was a serendipitous time of my life which you can hear in the podcast.

It was an absolute pleasure to have this conversation recorded to share with you all.

Part of our conversation was about capturing a moment in time with snap-shots that aren't overly edited from their natural state and the picture above encompasses that perfectly. It was us feeling happy after recording the session - Clay with his freshly-operated-on hand and me without a load of makeup. A very happy moment in time and I think our smiles speak for themselves 🙂

It's a 45-minute journey into the minds of good friends over coffee. I'd love to know your thoughts so when I do something like this again I can get more into the things that matter most to you.

To have a listen just click here, or click the image at the top of this post.

Enjoy, Victoria x