noun {MindFlower}
the art of paying yourself or others a compliment

verb {mindflower}
to plant seeds of positivity and beauty in the mind

Victoria sits with client drinking herbal tea in a scandi feel lounge wearing ripped jeans and a white tshirt.

"It made me fall in love with myself, exactly as I am. I'm beautiful. I know myself and understand me so much better than ever before.
Mindflowers has become my ritual."

- Elizabeth -

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"I've been following mindflowers for a few months now and I wanted to let you know how powerful it's been for me. You're doing amazing things and the world needs more of this!"

- Natalie -


The simple, life-changing method that takes you from who you are, to the you that you most want to be

Don’t be fooled by the simple process. The mind is a complex being, and radical self-care comes from compassion, love, and being gentle with yourself.

Simple? Absolutely.

Simplistic? Not a chance. This is big stuff.

"I've been doing this with a group of friends for a few months now and it's brought us even closer. Being vulnerable and open with our inner thoughts with each other has deepened our love and admiration for each other in whole new ways. We wanted you to know that we love it!"

- Jane -

Allow Yourself Free Mindflowers™

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Mindflowers is medicine to the soul that soothes your tired mind and repairs your heavy heart.

The MindFlowers™ Method teaches you to calm the negative chatter that feels louder than any other voice & helps you to see yourself as the glorious being that you are. Heal your thoughts and let your heart rest. Mindflowers will bring your head and heart into alignment.

As you heal your thoughts and discover your strengths, you come to know and understand yourself, truly.

When this starts to happen, people will be astounded at the difference in you.

You’ll walk taller, you’ll speak with confidence, and you’ll blossom into your glorious, one-of-a-kind you.

"I've been doing mindflowers for a while now and I love what it brings to my life. My teenage daughter's been having a really tough time, so we started doing this together and I can't tell you the difference it's made. To see her start to realise how beautiful she is as a person is a truly wonderful thing."

- Kevin -

"I realised how I'd been holding onto things from my childhood that aren't true. I can leave them behind now and be fully myself."

- Charlotte - 

"It's a regular in my self-care toolkit. I found it thought provoking and I ended up in a really good place. It started a positive chain reaction."

- Guy -

"Thank you for Mindflowers. I sat and did mine today...it made me totes emosh. What a great idea."

- Abigail -

Allow Yourself Free MindFlowers™

Can simple shifts create powerful results? YES

Will MindFlowers change your life? Absolutely, positively. YES

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"Wildflowers can't be controlled, and neither can the girl with a soul boundless as the sky, and a spirit as free and wild as the ocean."

- Melody Lee -