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"Now Is All I Have"


"Now is all I have". Those five simple, powerful words made me stop and think today.
We are only ever in this moment of time. Let those words sink in and spend some time with them.
Now is all I have.

My friend posted a new work of art on his Instagram feed today which is what inspired these early morning thoughts. Inspiration is everywhere and I always enjoy when something takes me out of my own head and invites me to think about my own automatic state of being, so thank you Andrés for the reminder to stop for a while and consider the automatic.

I am a huge fan of self-development and exploring whatever takes my fancy in this world. I enjoy the curiosity that comes with living and I enjoy knowing there is so much that I as yet, don't know and so much I never will. It gives me an unquenchable desire to explore the things that light me up.


The sense of 'what if' drives me forward ~ it keeps me in a place of embracing spur-of-the-moment chances ~ and I started thinking about how the choices we make really do shape our existence.

If we're not mindful of our decisions, we can let the everyday, bread & butter type days consume us.

If this is the case, it follows that living without making conscious choices to expand our own existence makes us run the danger of becoming bored. I don't know about you, but I can't imagine anything worse than feeling bored with my own life, so why not introduce something more into the days that make us feel a little stagnant and grey?
It doesn't have to be anything ground-breakingly thrilling, just something that makes you feel a little more 'you'.

Why put off the things that light us up now, for some time in the future?

Isn't the present enough of a reason to add some joy into our lives?

If the choices we make in the present do, in fact, shape our future life and self, then why put off those things that bring us real happiness?

What are we waiting for?

Why not learn that certain something that intrigues you? Why not read the book you've always wanted to find the time for? Why not draw the picture, try the new hobby, learn the language, book the ticket, wear the perfume, burn the luxury candle you've been saving or wear the best clothes that are just for special occasions?

If all we truly have is now, surely that's a good enough reason to indulge ourselves and our curiosity so we can add another facet to our brilliant selves.

Seize the opportunities to live life as an expression of who you are. Not just the image of who you think you should be ~ get into a deeper, compassionate, loving relationship with yourself so you can flourish.

Wouldn't that feel refreshing? Waking up each day knowing that alongside all the things we need to do that day in order to make life tick along easily, we also have time dedicated to ourselves. To indulge our curiosity and add some joy on a deeper level. To create something fulfilling for yourself.


Like flowing water, or clouds moving through the sky, all we have is now. Life is in a perpetual state of motion, changing and evolving, with only ourselves as the deciding factor for how we experience the world.

All we have is this moment in time to decide, "how am I going to show up in this world?" Every moment helps shape and define your future. You are exchanging days of your life for this way you are living.

Make sure you exchange them for something that makes you feel more.

'Now' Artwork displayed gratefully with the permission of Andrés Alvarez.
More details can be found about the artist at | Instagram | Twitter | Online Store | YouTube |
He's also the man behind my logo, so an all-around rather splendid man! Look him up, it's worth it.


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