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“When life brings you challenges, Victoria holds a safe space for you to explore the difficulties those challenges bring, feel them, face them and own them.

With the help of Victoria’s coaching, I have transformed my life...found clarity, purpose and reignited my passion, for which I am eternally grateful.

Finding your way is the gift of life…finding Victoria is a gift to you.

Enjoy your journey.”

CL ~ CEO of International Trade Organisation

“I met Victoria in 2016, a pinnacle year in my career and personal life. Victoria’s approach to coaching, not only for my business but also my personal life, has filled me with self-love, confidence, determination, and focus. I found her light-hearted, unbiased yet honest approach has helped me see things from a different perspective.

Over the course of the year, Victoria displayed a skill set that has equipped me with the right tools to push me further in both my business and personal goals.
I am extremely grateful to Victoria for the effort and support put into my personal coaching strategies to excel me in my endeavours.

Thank you, Victoria! It’s been an absolute pleasure. I look forward to having you as a firm fixture in my journey to becoming the best version of me in my career and personal life!”

PW ~ Business Owner

“The only way I can describe Victoria’s style of coaching is it is like the sun coming out on a cloudy day. The warmth she conveys and the positivity she exudes can literally transform your world.

She is incredibly calming, full of poise and uses carefully considered questioning techniques to bring about real self-awareness. I cannot recommend Victoria highly enough.”

AL ~ Business Owner & Trainer

“Victoria is a brilliant coach. I have been working with her for the last three months. During this time she has helped me shape a very loose business dream into something which will fly.

Victoria’s style of coaching is really effective. By using gentle questioning, humour, and the occasional prod she has helped me find the confidence to move from full-time paid employment into my new world.

I would recommend Victoria to you if you are looking for a great coach.”

SW ~ CEO of a District Council.

"I've woken up"

~ SD

"I've got this permanent glow"

~ SS

"I feel like I've shed my old skin and revealed the real me"

~ SS