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You're as anything as you feel


"Beneath every behaviour, there is a feeling. And beneath each feeling is a need. When we meet that need rather than focus on the behaviour, we begin to deal with the cause, not the symptom."

- Ashleigh Warner -

Come to Know Yourself

Coaching sessions are like experiencing the finest cashmere. We’re each so beautifully different, our lives each unique patterns and expressions of our particular stories, intricately created and woven together over time. In sessions, we unwind and explore the individual elements that make up & affect your whole.

As you uncover and fully discover what you actually feel (and why) and what you truly want to feel in your life (and how to get there), sessions will feel like a gift to yourself - much like you’re wrapped in a lush, cashmere blanket, giving yourself the gift of claiming, reclaiming & changing your life.

"Today marks 11 months since I told you I was gonna change my life. Look at me now! Without your support it wouldn't have been possible to start."

- Sarah. Queensland, Australia -


“Victoria’s style of coaching is really effective. By using gentle questioning, humour, and the occasional prod she has helped me find the confidence to move forward.”

- Sandra. Leicestershire, UK -

Find Your Answers.
Sessions with Victoria.


1:1 Singular Clarifying Session

Sometimes, it’s a smaller or more situational issue that’s got you feeling stuck. You may find yourself at a fork in the road, reeling in indecision. Or maybe you seek answers to something specific, an issue that burns top of mind and won’t leave you be.

When you need eye-opening clarity on a certain topic, want to pinpoint & unlock where you feel stuck, or you’re looking to test the waters and see if a coaching programme is right for you, experience a one-time Breakthrough session.

  • • 60 - 90 minutes, phone or video call
  • • Reflective, question-based approach
  • • Professionally guided space to think & speak freely

Investment: £250   (approx $310 US / €280)

Victoria, how do I know if I need more than one session?

Most often, clients intuitively sense whether what’s going on is minor or more deep-seated. I offer a free Exploration Call as an opportunity to receive guidance about what you’re experiencing.

Have additional Q’s? Please see Questions Page for answers.

Create Meaningful Lasting Change

1:1 Life Coaching Programmes

When you’re steadily feeling stressed and anxious, frustrated that your life isn’t as you’d hoped, unhappy with the person you find yourself becoming — and you don’t know how to help yourself exactly or where to begin — having a life coach by your side will prove invaluable.

Coaching is a powerful process, but it’s not a silver bullet for overnight success. Lasting change takes time to embed. You’re about to alter your automatic responses and behaviours in life. It’s a beautiful thing, and it also takes time. My coaching programmes dive deeply and require your commitment toward positive change as you:

  • • Find clarity, focus, and direction
  • • Establish and form your new conscious way of living
  • • Come into your most desired self
  • • Feel joy and connected to life
  • • Enjoy your relationships improving in all areas of your life
  • • Move forward in life in a way that feels really good

Posing incisive questions and professionally guiding with an absolute commitment to your well-being, you’ll gain a strong sense of understanding and self-awareness & you’ll experience a newfound ability to make decisions and create shifts that literally transform your life.


Six Session Programme

  • • The minimum commitment to coaching, and the time necessary for real & actual change to take hold.
  • • Six sessions affords a trusted process of establishing new neural pathways while allowing time for reflection, discovery, and growth.
  • • You’ll gain a strong understanding of your mindset & well being, and learn how to navigate your life with ease.
  • • Through Blossom in 6 sessions, you’ll be able to define your better, conscious way of living and build your desired, meaningful life.


Twelve Session Programme

  • • Some issues run deeper & require more time in order to move through not merely the symptoms of unrest, but the actual core of what’s really going on.
  • • You may have come through the other side of massive life change — or you may be facing one.
  • • Whether intentionally spaced to accomodate a more relaxed pace or booked in a burst at a life-juncture or crisis, Bloom in 12 sessions includes focused work & forever powerful results.

* Coaching sessions are approximately 60 - 90 minutes, and take place by phone or video call at client’s preference.

** For clients who reside in my regional pond, I do offer a high-touch, velvety-rich Customized Coaching Programme, upon request. This service includes in-person and even in-home sessions, as well as therapeutic meet-ups at a gorgeous health spa and additional luxurious selections.


Develop your practice with personalised guidance

Life moves fast, our stresses and anxiety run high. Yet we deeply desire to feel more calm and peaceful, to have a sense of balance—to experience more mindfulness in our lives. We simply aren’t sure how to go about creating it.

Learning to find clarity and establish balance from within takes intention, and practice. That’s precisely what my personal Mindfulness Programme creates for you.

Mindfulness Programme:

  • • Deep-dive Session, bringing to light your specific areas of intention
  • • Daily guided meditation, to listen to for our whole engagement together, created to reach into your specific empowerment
  • • Two coaching sessions (one per month), each gathering reflections and further guiding your practice
  • • Wrap-up Session, defining current and future goals
  • • Final guided meditation, designed to intentionally ground and guide you, uniquely, through your ongoing practice

With personalised guidance, tailored to your specific needs, you’ll find inner calm and clarity as you develop your mindfulness practice and welcome the rich layers of intentionally bringing mindful awareness into your everyday life.

Investment: £500  (approx US$660 / €560)

personalised guidance • clarity • peacefulness

"It has been an honour to work with Victoria. She possesses exceptional skills of insight, creativity and warmth which enable her to support others in a unique way. I have no hesitation in recommending her as a guide and a coach."

- Emma Slade (Ani Pema Deki) -

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“I began working with Victoria while facing a large decision in my life. I knew that once I pressed the button, so to speak, the ramifications would be huge.
Victoria helped me navigate my decision, and she walked with me through the changes that resulted. She helped me align my head & heart and feel confident in my choices. I honestly thank Victoria for the reality that I’m living!”

- Private Client. Paris, France -

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