One to One Coaching

I work with people who want change. And change happens over a period of time with intention, reflection, and space to think & speak freely.

Life coaching is about you building your confidence and faith in yourself so you can think clearly and make good decisions.

It’s about knowing the choices you make are right for you and your life; so from the moment we begin working together, it’s all about building you up.

Long-term change needs to be sustainable so we work on you getting to know yourself properly and from there we build solid inner-strength so you know that you can cope when life happens.



  • Regular sessions via video call or phone
  • Personal check-ins between sessions
  • Exercises tailored to you
  • Tasks, goals & intentions to keep you moving forward
  • Accountability to keep you focused



  • Regular sessions via video call or phone
  • Personal check-ins between sessions
  • Exercises tailored to you
  • Tasks, goals and intentions to keep you moving forward
  • Accountability to keep you focused

Custom Made Programme

From £5500 3 - 12 Months

  • Regular in-person sessions in your location
  • Additional in-person sessions as needed
  • Personal check-ins between sessions
  • Exercises tailored to you
  • Tasks, goals and intentions to keep you moving forward
  • Accountability to keep you focused
  • Availability for calls in different time zones if you're travelling

My programmes come with absolute discretion and confidentiality so privacy is never something you need to worry about.

Custom made programmes take into consideration unique circumstances such as unusual career commitments, travel and frequency & intensity of sessions.

Everyone’s needs are unique so the frequency & length of individual sessions are determined in our exploration call.

How i work

Coaching is powerful but it’s not a silver bullet for overnight success. It’s taken you however-many-years of life to become who you are today, and lasting change takes time to embed.

You’re about to alter your automatic responses and behaviours in life. It’s a beautiful thing, but it also takes time. Anyone can be different for a few weeks, but my work is deeper than that and takes your commitment.

This is why my programmes take place over months and not weeks. I want your success as much as you do and this comes from you making daily choices that change your old unconscious ways into intentional actions. What you do outside our sessions is as crucial as what we talk about in session and we’ll have check-ins in between so you feel encouraged along the way.

This way, when change happens it lasts and you succeed now and in the future.

“Your mind is a beautiful thing and it can change, but you have to do it consciously.”

People come to me because they want to feel connected to themselves and for life to feel free. They want to make changes and they don’t want to be the person they’ve become anymore. They feel tired and drained all the time but they feel like they don’t have enough time for themselves. They experience feelings of stress and anxiety and feel frustrated that life isn’t how they want it to be.

The thing that links them all is they don't know where to start. Coaching is the powerful way to get rid of those feelings and make your life brilliant.

  • • You'll find clarity, focus & direction
  • • You'll learn about your values and the impact they have on your happiness
  • • You'll have a new found confidence
  • • You'll feel joy and connected to life
  • • Your relationships will improve in all areas of life
  • • You'll develop the skills, confidence, and intuition to move forward in life in a way that feels really good

I can't do the hard work for you, but I can support you every step of the way so you feel empowered to be bold, to step into a life you're proud of and feel confident in your new future.

It won’t be perfect; life happens every single day bringing challenge and things we can’t control, but your life can be fulfilled, enriched and something you enjoy.

You’ll have resilience when situations aren’t ideal, perspective on situations that frustrate you and an inner knowing that life is yours for the making.

What happens next

The rapport we have is one of the most important things to consider and isn’t something to compromise on.

I’m here to walk with you through your coaching experience, support you, inspire your thoughts and challenge you too. You should feel safe to speak and think freely and without judgement so the way we interact with each other is central.

The best way to see if we’re a good fit is to speak. We’ll have a conversation about where you’re at, where you want to be and you can ask any questions you have. Drop me an email here to tell me a little about yourself and we can arrange a call.

Everyone’s needs are unique so the frequency & length of sessions are determined through our exploration call. I work with people all over the world via video call or phone so all you need is an internet connection and we can get started.

It’s usual to see each other once a month but in some cases, I’ve worked with people on a more intense basis. If this is something you’d like to explore I can structure a different way of working together.

Sessions can be in-person throughout the UK if needed and I can design you a programme that reflects this.

Payments are set up monthly via bank transfer or credit card.



Once your mind is in a great place, your appearance and personal style naturally evolve into something new. You stand taller, your eyes sparkle and you have a whole new perspective on life.

You see everything differently now and all of a sudden the clothes you wore, the way you styled your hair and your environment feels like they need a breath of fresh air.

My background in styling can then come into play and if you choose to, we can work on how you express yourself through your personal style.

Styling services include personal shopping where you get to explore new ways of dressing the new you and putting together a capsule wardrobe that isn’t only beautiful but works for you too.

We’ll take pieces from your existing wardrobe where appropriate and work them in with new pieces that look fantastic and are a reflection of who you now are.

I partner with some of the country’s finest hair stylists, beauty experts and interior designers who can then help you with everything from skincare, the style of your hair, through to the atmosphere you create at home. All this with you and your new lifestyle at heart.

Styling services are available to my personal coaching clients and are priced on a personal basis.

“The real you is at the heart of your unique style”