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Here are some of the most frequent questions I receive.

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There can be confusion around what working with a life coach is like, and about what life coaching really is. It's often confused with being the same as traditional therapy. However, unlike therapists, coaches don't work on past trauma. We acknowledge the past and use it as a catalyst for the future. Working with a life coach is like choosing a friendly, helping hand towards your next steps and beyond.

We often know we want to change somehow, but we’re not sure what that looks like or how to achieve it. Put simply, a coach meets you where you are, guides you through how to build your new future, and walks with you through your new growth. 

The godfather of coaching, Sir John Whitmore describes it as: "Building awareness, responsibility and self-belief is the goal of a coach", which sits beautifully with Timothy Gallwey's definition that: "Coaching is unlocking a person's potential to maximise their own performance; helping them to learn rather than teaching them."

Both quotes highlight beautifully: life coaching is all about unlocking the power within you. Through coaching, you’ll gain greater self-awareness and raise your ability to respond to your unique life situations. Your surroundings will markedly improve because you’re more in tune with yourself, your values, and your boundaries. Working together to build strong mental wellness habits, you’ll discover your best next steps using the power of your own mind.  

Enveloping your past as we focus on your future, life coaching includes:

• Defining goals

• Formulating a clear plan and direction 

• Accountability for your progress

• Structure, encouragement, and support

As your life coach, I hold space. A safe, judgement-free space that gives you room to think and speak freely. Through listening clearly and really hearing you, I can then help you move through feeling stuck and into a place of self-actualization and empowerment. For example, we may identify limiting beliefs you hold; as such, we’ll also define your ways to break through them. 

By using a positive, enquiring approach, we build upon your guided growth. Throughout your coaching sessions, I champion you and believe wholeheartedly in your abilities as you come to acknowledge your strengths. 

While every individual is different and has unique situations and goals, there are six overarching stages you’ll experience within your life coaching programme:

• Rapport & Trust - Making sure we're the right fit

• Identifying Needs - Highlighting areas we’ll put our attention to

• Goal Setting - What would you like to achieve?

• Development & Action Plan - Your unique practices, methods, and tools

• Support Practices - Ensuring you effectively maintain your new ways of living

• Follow-through & Evaluation - Your continual progression and celebration of how you now feel!

As powerful as life coaching is, it's not a silver bullet.

We're ultimately building new automatic pathways within your brain. For these pathways to embed and become natural takes both time and commitment. Through coaching sessions and small, daily changes to your usual lifestyle, you’ll experience big results.

You may come to recognise your growth, for example, during self-reflection and realising how differently a situation played out … compared to your former scenarios and older approaches. Like any intervention, establishing learned, positive reactions and understanding takes time. 

Metaphorically speaking, were you to experience a physical issue, such as a broken bone, the healing process would involve: the initial diagnosis, treatment to heal the break, and physiotherapy to make sure it's healed fully and to rebuild strength. Similarly, there’s a process to life coaching and stages of measured growth. 

I offer 1:1 personal sessions, and work in 6- or 12-session programmes, Blossom or Bloom. You can see them here. Our timeline is dependent on your individual needs. We may have a session monthly for six months, or we may move through 12 sessions in two months. Based on what we uncover in your free Exploration Call, your coaching programme is designed to address your specific issues and goals.

Coaching is free from cultural, geographic, racial, gender, and age profiles, so in a sense it’s for everyone. 

It also requires a wholehearted commitment and personal investment. The more a person is willing to crack themselves open and learn to see themselves through the lens of self-development and kindness, the more effective their life coaching programme will be.

Life coaching is not necessarily appropriate for a person, however, who is undergoing a psychological intervention through the form of psychotherapy, counselling or is being treated for addictions, debilitating depression, eating disorder etc.
 These factors may underline an inability to make changes that life coaching facilitates at this time; but it's worth remembering this is just a moment in time. Once your current treatment ends and you're in a position to move forward, life coaching becomes your valuable best next step into your future.

Coaching does require your commitment and willingness to create time in your daily routine. In considering life coaching, you may find it helpful to answer these questions:

  • What will continue if you don’t undergo a life coaching programme?
  • Are you prepared to try new methods?
  • Are you willing to make the time necessary for this investment in yourself and change your life? 

The relationship between us plays a huge part in the success of your coaching. The rapport we have isn't something you should compromise on, and neither will I.
 You should feel absolutely safe in my presence, whether we’re together in-person or holding a session via the internet.

Our relationship is one of trust, confidentiality, and reciprocity. In our shared environment, you’ll think and speak freely, exploring and envisioning as you consider ideas. You’ll also experience change, development, improvement, and personal growth in a space free from any judgement or opinion. 

In this environment of safety, I will provide high-quality listening and focused enquiry, and at times advise or recommend specific actions, practices, or exercises as appropriate. My goal is to ensure you uncover simple solutions to complex situations. My commitment to you is to be patient, supportive, and self-aware, and to deliver feedback in the most constructive way while always remaining open to and curious about your situation.

I won't look at your life through my own lens ~ this is all about you.

Much like the fashion industry won’t likely include sample sizes designed to fit real bodies any time soon, unfortunately your insurance company won’t likely cover life coaching at this time. However, if investment and cost is a major concern, please mention this during our Exploration Call. I offer payment plans and options whenever requested.

My answer to this question is: I do & I don’t. *wink

For example, I do offer clients who reside in my regional pond a high-touch, velvety-rich Customized Coaching Programme, upon request. This service includes in-person and even in-home sessions, as well as meet-ups at a gorgeous health spa and additional luxurious selections. If Customized Coaching is of interest to you, simply Contact me here. 

I also do offer additional sessions beyond a Blossom in 6-Session Programme when working with clients who find a need.

However, I don’t allow clients to book a Breakthrough Session multiple times rather than beginning a Blossom in 6-Session or Bloom in 12-Session Programme. Breakthrough Sessions are powerful, but designed differently than programme sessions. They’re not meant to be experienced sequentially. If we uncover a need or want for further sessions beyond your Breakthrough, a Blossom in 6-Session Programme is where we begin.

It's rare to take extra sessions after a Bloom in 12-Session Programme on the same coaching outcome. If a new coaching desire emerges, we treat that as a new engagement and move forward from there with either a Blossom in 6, or a Bloom in 12 Programme, taking what you now know about yourself to use with your new outcomes in mind.

I like the sound of it. How can I get started?

"I just love the way you word things. Thank you for such an inspirational chat yesterday, you always help the creative side of me come out to play! Off to the beach to do some serious creative thinking x x"

- Luisa. Sanremo, Italy -

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“When life brings you challenges, Victoria holds a safe space for you to explore the difficulties those challenges bring, feel them, face them and own them. With the help of Victoria's coaching, I've transformed my life...found clarity, purpose and reignited my passion, for which I'm eternally grateful. Finding your way is the gift of life, finding Victoria is a gift to you. Enjoy your journey.”

- Clare. Warwickshire, UK -

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