re|fresh for spring | 5 Simple Ways to Spring Clean Your Mind |

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I adore the change of seasons, and spring brings the anticipation of longer days, brighter sunshine and a general sense of being more connected to life.

The tricky part is breaking the cozy routines we love so much about our winter hibernation but are mentally so ready to shake off come April.

Here are 5 simple ways to help tszuj yourself up and give your wellbeing a very welcome spring clean.


re|fresh your routines

There’s nothing else like shaking off old, fusty ways of auto-piloting your way through life. Spring brings daylight savings time and with the lighter mornings & nights, it’s the perfect opportunity to make time for some new ways of living.
Get outside for some fresh air, take a walk or even sit in the garden with your bare feet on grass.
Whatever routines you have that feel stale or dare I say it, boring, ask yourself how you can shake things up and breathe fresh air into them.


re|fresh your home

Spring cleaning works miracles for your mindset. Pack away the oversized knitwear and throw out the clutter that mysteriously accumulates to create space for the things you really need.
Whether you decide to do a full-on Marie Kondo or have a general tidy up, creating space and order in your home & office will leave your mind clear to focus on what’s important rather than wedging the clutter back behind the ready-to-burst cupboard doors along with your sanity.


re|fresh your hobbies

Make time for something new! We have extra light, which means we’re more motivated to find extra time. Take up a class, make time for visiting your favourite people and enjoy trying new things! Spring is a perfect time, so make a list of five things you want to try and actually do them. Make it a month of new experiences and when you find something you love, make it part of your weekly happenings and know by the end of the summer, you’ll have become good at and passionate about something other than the usual things in your life right now. You’re going to shake off the bore.


re|fresh your health

Pay some attention to how your body feels and listen to your intuition. To start with, a simple daily 5-minute meditation is enough to bring you a new perspective on how to start listening to your body and making small daily changes for your overall health and wellbeing.
Start shining some light on how you can bring in fresh, whole foods now the warmer weather makes it easier to move away from the processed chemically-laden food we can slip into the habits of in winter. Not only will your body thank you for it, your mind will too. Remember good things in; good things out. Which leads naturally to . . .


re|fresh your mind

Starting small daily habits such as a mindful moment or mediation can bring forth so much good for you. Making a mindfulness practice a non-negotiable part of your day doesn’t take time - it’s gives time. There’s a pre-conception that you need to sit on a cushion chanting words to bells and whale music for 45 minutes and it couldn’t be farther from the truth (unless y’know, that’s your “thing”).
Whether you start by journaling or doing some breathing exercises, you’ll find changes to your mindset happen before you know it. This is called a daily practice for a reason though - sporadic 5 minutes change nothing. Make it as routine as brushing your teeth; simply something you do. I always recommend the Headspace app for anyone wanting to dip their toe in meditation. It's light, easy to understand and best of all? No chanting.


I love the change of seasons and spring seems to produce a certain excitement in the air for what’s to come. I’m going to start by clearing out the cupboards and swapping my winter warmers for some springtime silks this weekend.

What will you do to welcome a new spring start?