Step Away


I don't know about you, but when the pressures of a large project are looming, my mind craves space to step away and take a deep breath.
This week sees the launch of my new website and some big changes to my coaching life.
My plans are unfolding just as I had hoped - better, in fact - and this site you find yourself on right now has been a labour of love that I have enjoyed every second of designing and bringing to life. I feel excited, invigorated and can't wait to get started telling the world about it!
Yesterday morning, the alarm brought me round at about 6am and it was that wonderful point in the project where everything had come together. Some emails had come in overnight which meant the time had come to press the launch button and yet, when I woke up my head told me in a very clear way that it needed a day to stop.

I looked out the window over breakfast and there was my garden project begging to be started, so I did what my mind was being very clear about, got my scruffy garden clothes on and set about digging.
Now, I'm not saying I was unprepared for the day, I was very happy with where I was in terms of 'The Plan', but a few things had been hazy in my mind. However, being pretty experienced I was very happy to wing it and go with the flow of the rest of the week.

All I can say now is, after a day digging out borders, laying stones, positioning furniture, planting pots, basically doing nothing mentally tiring or remotely connected to the projects, everything fell into place in my mind.

It was a moment of clarity after inspired ideas and after 'oh yeah' moments and I couldn't be more clear now about the points that weren't quite there yet.

I am seeing this emerge as a pattern in my behaviour recently. When something huge is looming on the horizon I crave a spur of the moment day getting my hands dirty with a creative project, far away from technology and to-do lists. I made more good decisions yesterday morning in the garden than I would after a whole day at my desk.

There really is something about getting your hands & feet muddy to clear the mind and get you in a place of clarity.
What patterns do you notice to your own wellbeing when life gets manic? I'd love to know. Tell me about them in the comments . . .

Love, Victoria x