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What is style? Are there secret rules?
Is it different for everyone or can it be defined?
Is it something reserved for the scant few who feel beautiful, always?

For me, style has always been about expression. It comes in many forms and is all about translating what you love to wear into something that works for you in real life and by taking good care of yourself.

It's something we can all have. There are no secret rules - it's something fun and unique to each of us. Defining it into words is an impossible task. Its only definition comes by the way someone looks beautiful because they're at ease in their own skin.

We can all gaze at magazines wishing for a lifestyle that provides perfectly done, yet undone hair in beautifully curated surroundings, but when it comes down to it, we all have to get into the realness of life; busy mornings, family, work & social commitments and keeping our own wellbeing in check.

The real art of great style is in doing all these things while feeling good in our own skin, and the unmistakable glow of self-confidence is what we'll naturally see in the mirror each day.

We do this by working on ourselves first and our wardrobe second.

When I worked in fashion I can count on one hand the number of times a woman came out of a fitting room exclaiming “I look great!” It was more often:

“Can I get away with this?”

“Do I look ok?”

“Ugh, look at my (fill in the blank).”

In over a decade just one woman comes to mind who strutted out the fitting room in a body-con dress and proudly stated:

“I. Look. Fantastic!”

I clearly remember laughing out loud and realising it was rare anything like that happened and when it did, it was a joy to see.

Over the years I hugged women through tears and gave comfort when I heard them give themselves the worst insults — all in a place that’s supposed to make them feel at their most beautiful.

Becoming a coach has helped me see things in a totally different light and I know now that the beauty we’re all seeking comes from within.

The way we look at ourselves needs to be flipped on its head. We don’t need clothes to make us look good, we need to feel good about ourselves to make our clothes look great on us.

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Where it all began

I can’t remember exactly what first sparked my love for style—as a child I remember my fascination with textures of fabrics, my love for trying out my Mum’s makeup, trying on her jewellery & secretly spritzing her perfume, and the fun I had hanging out with my teenage sister and friends. It all gave me a love of style and the desire to express myself as I grew up.

Fitting in a particular box never interested me and I used clothes & makeup as a way to separate myself from the ‘normal’ throughout high school—I wasn’t wild in the traditional sense, but I remember pushing the boundaries of the uniform rules by wearing dresses instead of trousers and feeling excited when I had my first makeup shopping trip as a young teen.

I suppose I’d say I was a girl with a penchant for small rebellions rather than being blatant about it.

The thrill of finding I-can’t-possibly-cope-without pieces has always been a well-suited partner for my low levels of self-control; from my first pair of lust-have boots (that cost me two weeks wages), my first Italian denim jacket (that I went into debt over), through to my first Prada bag (that was hard earned and still loved to this day).

The excitement and buzz of finding just the right piece have never left me and though by no-means do I want to claim any sort of style maven title, I can safely say it gets me equally as excited now as it always has.

In these style pages, I want to explore the relationship we have with our external selves in relation to our inner selves and how we can turn the tables so we have a much healthier relationship to the things we buy to enhance our lives, not enhancing our lives by buying all the things.

It's important to me that anyone I coach individually knows their wellbeing is always my number one priority and this will be reflected here too. It's never going to be about the latest thing for the sake of being front of the queue. It's about how we express ourselves through the items we invite into our lives.

"Feeling beautiful doesn’t come from the clothes we wear, but when we look after our wellbeing, we give beauty to those clothes."

I guess I’ll be touching on minimalism and sustainability through buying better; not more, and looking at how clothing and makeup help us express ourselves fully while living and being our best selves. With wellbeing at the heart of it, always.

Let’s see how these pages unfold and we’ll explore style together. You know I love to talk, so do comment below or find me on the socials. If there’s anything you’d like to ask or would like me to explore then drop me a note and we can see where this goes.

With love, Victoria x