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There's more to an image beyond initial aesthetics and this is never more true than with logos.

Logos connect you with the person or brand you're buying from and give you an idea of what they're about. The emphasis on the story behind the meaning drove me to share how my logo came to life.

I worked with my favourite artist Andrés Alvarez who was familiar with my work with the MindFlowers movement.
It works on the concept that you focus on your best bits and rather than focusing on the negatives, you give flowers to your mind in the form of self-appreciative compliments; a MindFlower.

We're all guilty of giving ourselves a hard time over anything that happens day-to-day, and we rarely stop to acknowledge the good or the great; so instead of the self-directed insults we fill our minds with, we need to counterbalance that with some goodness. It’s powerful stuff and I recommend all my clients do this exercise as a first step to connect with themselves like they do with their most loved people.

The message is to treat yourself like your own best friend.

When Andrés agreed to help with my logo design I was thrilled and we wanted to draw on the essence of what MindFlowers is all about.

Being in love with traditions, I looked into the Victorian Language of Flowers where flowers were presented as secret messages; each with their own meaning. I love the idea of sending ourselves secret love messages, but what should the tone be for a logo that will represent me, my coaching style and ethos? It would become my public calling card so not something to undertake lightly.

After a while researching some of the flowers I love most, I decided upon:


Through the Victorian Language of Flowers, the dahlia expresses sentiments of dignity and elegance.

It is also the symbol of a commitment and bond that lasts forever.



The Victorians were expressing the message 'You're adorable' with Camellias.

Perfection and excellence, faithfulness and longevity. Who wouldn't want to receive that from themselves?

Andrés captured the tone of these meanings perfectly. He took their identity and blended the two flowers into the creation you see here today.

The gold at the centre represents the precious nature of our mind and how it’s central to our wellbeing.

She blooms outside the edges of the circle it’s placed within and this represents how we can always blossom where we are placed, but also how we can always develop and grow beyond our comfort zones - there are no limits.

What these two flowers communicate through their meaning is reflective of what the MindFlowers movement holds at its heart and embodies the spirit of my coaching practice.

People treating themselves like they are precious is what first inspired me to become a coach.

So when I look at my logo, it's more than just a picture of a flower.

It's what I stand for.